Presentations & Interviews

Refuse Fascism: The Year Ahead and the New Fascism Syllabus

Refuse Fascism Podcast with Samantha Goldman

A podcast interview on my ongoing work alongside Dr. Jennifer Evans with the New Fascism Syllabus

Uncorked History: Wine and Identity in Mussolini's Italy”

Uncorked History Podcast with Dr. Jamie L.H. Goodall and Kelly Therese Pollock

A podcast interview on my ongoing research on winemaking and identity construction in interwar Italy.

"Wine, Beer, and the Politics of Identity in Fascist Italy"

UCLA Center for European and Russian Studies

A virtual talk on wine and beer marketing battles in Fascist Italy.

Opinions & Perspectives

"Failure to Respond to Putin’s Aggression Could Prove Catastrophic: How the League of Nations’ Weak Response to Italy’s Invasion of Ethiopia Helped Precipitate World War II"

The Washington Post

An OpEd on the comparisons between Benito Mussolini's conquest of Ethiopia (1935-1936) and Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine (2022-).

"The March on Washington"

UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy

An OpEd on the parallels between Trumpism and interwar European fascisms.

"How to Keep the Lights On in Democracies: An Open Letter of Concern by Scholars of Authoritarianism"

New Fascism Syllabus

A co-authored, open letter of concern by scholars of authoritarianism on the dangers of neo-authoritarianism to democracies in North America and beyond.

Community & Engagement

Book Talk by Dr. Bradley Hart

Fresno Public Library

A hosted book talk by Dr. Bradley Hart on his 2018 monograph Hitler's American Friends at the Fresno Public Library

"Interwar Crisis Book Talks"

University of California, Los Angeles

A series of book talks held in conjunction with my course "Interwar Crisis: Europe, 1918-1939" at University of California, Los Angeles during the Spring 2021 and Spring 2022 quarters.

"How the Politics of Prosecco Explain What Took the Fizz Out of the Democrats"

The Guardian

An OpEd by Mark Blyth on the politics of prosecco in Italy, which mentions my research on winemaking under Benito Mussolini's dictatorship.