Interwar Crisis: Europe, 1918-1939

Today I begin teaching my summer course “Interwar Crisis: Europe, 1918-1939” at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB History Department). During the next six weeks, my students and I will be keeping a blog ( where we’ll be logging our progress through the course’s assigned secondary and primary source readings (which can be reviewed under the About > (Re)Sources section) and, perhaps equally as important, drawing parallels between what we’re calling “Interwar Snapshots” (or scenes from Europe’s tumultuous twenty-one years between the two world wars) and various contemporary events and processes on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. As I explain in my “Course Introduction” post, “[b]y the end of the course, we will be able to ask ourselves an important, and rather urgent, question: Are we living in another ‘interwar crisis’?”

I encourage each of you to subscribe to our Twitter ( and Facebook ( pages in order to follow my students’ progress through the course’s assigned materials, and also, if you’re interested, to interact and/or share your own insights and perspectives with everyone. The blog is intended as both a collectively-managed publication and a public forum for exploring these increasingly (and frighteningly) relevant topics and themes.

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