“Food Fights,” Zapruder World 5 (2019)

I recently co-edited a special issue of the Open Access public-engagement journal, Zapruder World, on the global history of food and social conflicts. Spanning two millennia, and covering topics including subaltern food systems, food riots, and the relationship between food and collective memory, among others, the articles featured in this volume illuminate the various ways in which food—in both its abundance and scarcity—has served as a catalyst for both small- and large-scale historical change in a variety of different temporal and sociological contexts. Below you can find the volume’s table of contents, along with a handful of accompanying historical research and contemporary engagement resources.


Volume Information:

Kashia Amber Arnold, Brian J Griffith, and Tim Paulson, eds., “Food Fights: The Politics of Provisions in Global Perspective,” Zapruder World: An International Journal for the History of Social Conflict No. 5 (2019).


Table of Contents:


Volume Resources:

  • Yesterday (Digital scholarly resources, archival links, images and more related to the topic of this volume)
  • Today (Global and local organizations, movements, and networks inspired by the traditions explored in this volume)

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