Theories and Practices of Digital History

Course Description

What is Digital History? In answering this question, this course will examine the emergence of the “digital age” over the past thirty years and its considerable impacts upon historiographical methods and practices. In doing so, we will analyze and workshop various digital technologies, software, and platforms, which are reshaping the ways in which historians “do history” and, equally as important, the methods by which they interface with other scholars and the general public. In addition to the World Wide Web, some of the technologies we’ll analyze together include digitized historical archives, keyword searchable bibliographic databases, such as JSTOR, ProQuest, and Google Books, citation management software, including Zotero and EndNote, Wikipedia as a peer-to-peer platform for generating and disseminating historical knowledge, Geographic Information Systems and the “spatial turn,” and various history-themed video games and virtual reality services.


Institution & Term

  • University of California, Santa Barbara (Spring 2020)


Course Syllabus

  • Available upon request