My Courses

Special Interest

Interwar Crisis: Europe, 1918-1939

The purpose of this course is to explore the various political, social, and cultural upheavals which took place in Europe between the two world wars. In particular, we will analyze the origins and consequences of the “Great War,” the collapse of the Continent’s multi-national empires and the births of new democracies and – in the case of Russia, Italy, Germany, and Spain – dictatorships, the collapse of postwar international law and order, and, finally, the disastrous lurch into the catastrophes of the Second World War and the Holocaust. In addition to studying the history of Europe’s tumultuous interwar years, we will attempt to draw parallels between the topics and themes explored in the course and various contemporary developments. By the end of the course, we will be able to ask ourselves an important, and rather urgent, question: Are we living in another “interwar crisis”?


New Fields & Emerging “Turns”

Digital History: Methods and Practice

What is “Digital History”? In answering this question, this course will examine the emergence of the “digital age” over the past thirty or so years and its considerable impacts upon historiographical methods and practices. In doing so, we will analyze and workshop various digital technologies, softwares, and platforms, which are both (re)shaping the ways in which professional historians “do history” and, equally as important, the methods by which they interface with both other scholars and the general public.