Europe After Hitler

May 17, 2019 Brian J Griffith 0

The post-war decades witnessed not only the “re-discovery” of Liberal Democracy in much of Western Europe, but also the emergence of welfare state programs (NHS), a common marketplace (EEC), and the emergence of what might be referred to as a pan-European consciousness.

Digital Projects

April 27, 2018 Brian J Griffith 0

Completed or Ongoing Projects Zapruder World: An International Journal for the History of Social Conflict (ISSN: 2385-1171) Zapruder World is both an Open Access History […]

Future Research

February 6, 2017 Brian J Griffith 0

In addition to my first book, many of my other planned research projects will draw heavily upon transnational topics and themes.

Current Research

February 6, 2017 Brian J Griffith 0

Monograph Cultivating Fascism: Wine and Politics in Mussolini’s Italy I am currently working on a book manuscript which explores the way in which vino came […]


February 6, 2017 Brian J Griffith 0

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