Europe After Hitler

May 17, 2019 Brian J Griffith 0

Course Description In the postwar aftermath of Hitler’s genocidal imperial conquests, the “European” community sought to rebuild, and even redefine, itself. As the historian Mark […]

Future Research

February 6, 2017 Brian J Griffith 0

Monographs Black Coffee, Blackshirts: Coffee and Its Culture in Mussolini’s Italy (tentative title) Project description coming soon.     Edited Volumes Reds & Blacks: Letters from Political […]

Current Research

February 6, 2017 Brian J Griffith 0

Dissertation Bacchus’ Blackshirt: Winemaking and “Making Italians” in Fascist Italy My dissertation examines the multifarious roles played by winemaking and popular grape and wine consumption […]


February 6, 2017 Brian J Griffith 0

Articles Peer-Reviewed: “Bacchus among the Blackshirts: Winemaking, Consumerism, and Identity in Fascist Italy,” Contemporary European History (forthcoming). “In November 1933, an extraordinary paperback appeared on the shelves […]