Research Interests

My primary research examines the flow of commodities and people in both (trans)national frameworks, and the impacts those dynamics have made upon the negotiation of collective identities. While my current research focuses on wine consumption and identity construction within the confines of Fascist Italy, my first monograph will significantly expand upon my dissertation by examining Italian wine’s many transnational lives beyond the peninsula’s political, cultural, and geographical borders. In addition to my first book, many of my other planned research projects will draw heavily upon transnational topics and themes. In particular, I am interested in exploring the interwar and colonial roots of Italy’s coffee culture and, at some later point, the connections and exchanges between Italian Fascism and Jamaican Rastafarianism during the “Ethiopian Crisis.” Beyond the nexus between politics, consumerism, and identity, I am deeply interested in the Digital Humanities, and have a number of ongoing and planned research and editorial projects aimed at further developing my interests in combining digital platforms and tools with historical scholarship and public engagement.


Historiographical Fields


Peoples, Places, and Themes