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Edited Volume

Sorella fascista: The Collected Papers of Ruth Williams Ricci

Ruth Williams Ricci – a Fascist sympathizer from New York City who served both as a volunteer nurse in the Italian Red Cross and, later, as a freelance journalist during the Second Italo-Ethiopian War – toured throughout East and North Africa, participated in or witnessed many of Fascist Italy’s military and colonial campaigns, and had personal contacts among the regime’s highest generals and officials.

Once completed, this volume will include the (un)published book chapters, essays, speeches, and letters Ricci composed or delivered during her exhaustive travels between the United States, Italy, and Italian East and North Africa between 1935 and 1941.



“Blackshirts, Black Skins: Political Messianism in Fascist Italy and Colonial Jamaica during the ‘Ethiopian Crisis,’ 1935-1941”

This study explores the hybrid political, cultural, and socio-economic contexts behind the emergence of both Fascism in Italy and Rastafarianism in colonial Jamaica, and the border-crossing networks of exchange through which they developed, expanded, and, in the case of the Ras Tafarites, interacted.