Academic Biography

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in modern Italian history at University of California, Santa Barbara. My interests include modern Europe/Italy, Italian Fascism, Italian colonialism, cultural and intellectual history, consumer/material cultures, and transnationalism.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in History from Sonoma State University in 2008 and my Master of Arts in the cultural and intellectual history of modern Europe from San Francisco State University in 2011. I am now completing my Ph.D. in the cultural history of Fascist Italy under the guidance of Dr. Claudio Fogu at University of California, Santa Barbara. My dissertation — “Cultivating Fascism: Winemaking, Consumerism, and Identity in Mussolini’s Italy” — analyzes the numerous roles played by winemaking and popular wine consumption within the regime’s objective of “making Italians” during the interwar years.

Upon completion of my Ph.D., I plan to seek a tenure-track professorship and specialize in teaching modern European and World History with emphases on popular culture, consumerism, and identity construction. Additionally, I intend to offer courses and workshops on Public and Digital History, as both of these emerging fields, I am convinced, offer historians invaluable opportunities for further engaging with the broader public. In these ways, I hope to increase my students’ socio-cultural vocabularies and, in so doing, encourage inter-cultural understanding and international cooperation.