I am the inaugural Eugen and Jacqueline Weber Post-Doctoral Scholar in European History at University of California, Los Angeles. My interests include modern Europe, modern Italy, Fascism, consumerism, (trans)national identities, and the digital humanities.

In 2008, I earned my BA in History from Sonoma State University, which was followed by my MA in modern European cultural and intellectual history from San Francisco State University in 2011. In early 2020 I completed my PhD in the political and cultural history of Fascist Italy under the scholarly guidance of Dr. Claudio Fogu at University of California, Santa Barbara.

While I have a variety of innovative research projects planned for the coming years, including annotated sourcebooks, digital exhibitions, and interactive virtual history models, I am currently working on a book manuscript entitled Cultivating Fascism: Wine and Politics in Mussolini’s Italy which explores the way in which wine came to be viewed as a quintessentially ‘Italian’ beverage among Italy’s middle- and upper-class households during Fascism’s twenty years in power.

In addition to serving as one of several ongoing editors for the Open Access journal Zapruder World: An International Journal for the History of Social Conflict (ISSN: 2385-1171), I am an Editorial Board member for the New Fascism Syllabus and the Website Coordinator for the Society for Italian Historical Studies.